4 Tips a Staging Professional Will Walk You Through: Sell Fast and For Higher Dollar!

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What is Staging?

Staging is typically performed by a professional real estate agent or someone who has a background in interior design. Staging your home takes full advantage of your current layout by creating a fashionably presentable backdrop for buyers to envision themselves in your home. Leaving your home’s design to someone’s imagination is a bit risky, so staging is an excellent method of making your home the most presentable for a wide range of potential buyers resulting in selling your home faster and for a higher price.

Can I Stage on My Own?

Staging is a really important method to sell your home faster, therefore, you may want to keep in mind that we can be clouded by our personal judgments and feelings when it comes to our own domain. Maybe you are a collector of magnets, a minimalist, or a very color-oriented person, so you assume others will be impressed by your home’s décor. It is essential to look at it objectively, and a professional can do so, all while preparing your home for multiple tastes in home décor and layout.

There are Many steps to staging that you may not pay special attention to, that’s why a staging professional is highly recommended.

Your personal staging specialist will help you with the following necessary steps:

Lose the Clutter

 In our day to day lives, we tend to collect “stuff.” From mail on the counter to children’s artwork on the refrigerator, these are all things people often have in their homes. But, when selling your home, you should store it away. Your personal items can throw off a potential buyer’s vision of themselves in your home. It might sound backward, but de-personalizing your home and creating as much space as possible will make your house feel more substantial and cleaner.

Speaking of cleaning, this is a great time to clean your home as well. As you clear your knick-knacks, personal mementos and every day “messes” we all have, take the time to clean the areas thoroughly. Be sure to box up and store all the extras you are clearing away as throwing them in closets will only create more clutter; hence, they will look smaller.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture

It may seem like a bit of a hassle; however, removing furniture will create a more spacious and welcoming vibe in your home. Buyers should be able to move about your home freely without obstacles. Chairs are often a great item to remove as many homeowners have too many of them for their room size. For example, a rule of thumb in the average size living room is a sofa and two chairs. When you have a large piece, such as a sectional, reduce your chairs to one.

If your furniture is a bit tattered and worn, you may want to think about renting some newer pieces for a bit of time and store away your old pieces. Staging professionals often have their own inventory of furniture and décor, so using their services has its added perks.

Once you have the components you plan to work with, keep them away from walls. Create a floating layout by anchoring furniture together in a smart arrangement and away from bordering walls, which in turn will create an intimate setting surrounded by a spacious floor plan. 

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Remember the exterior is your first impression opportunity to potential buyers. No worries if your budget is tight. Getting sale ready with outdoor staging is very inexpensive for most and a staging professional can help you save time and money all while adding great appeal.

The first and most crucial staging technique for outdoors and exteriors is cleaning. Think about power washing your house and your walkways to create a more welcoming atmosphere. Keep the lawn trimmed, plants watered and weeds at bay. Add pops of color to your entry with a welcome sign or welcome mats, so your home stands out from the rest. If you are feeling adventurous, paint your main door a bright color such as red, teal or yellow. Sprinkle flower pots on front stoops or patios, and you will create a great first impression.

Add the Special Touches

Now that you have cleaned out and you are left with the essential pieces, a spacious layout, and freedom to move about, it’s time for those added special touches. When you have your home on the market, you are often surprised by showings to potential buyers, so keeping your home in tip-top shape will relieve you from a lot of last-minute stress.

Add fresh flowers to a couple of vases throughout your home to create an airy and bright feeling. Display a couple of candles that create warmth and display a bowl of fruits on the kitchen table to add a welcome home feel. All of these quick and straightforward methods of staging with special touches add value to your home’s appeal.


Strategically staging your home may seem like a lot of work, but in the end, you will be happy with the outcome, especially if you have hired a professional. By staging, you are opening up the possibility for more potential buyers to see themselves in your home and feel great about it!


When you list your home, you can talk with your real estate professional about staging. Great Realtors are big advocates of staging to sell their clients’ homes faster and often; they are experts in staging as well. If you want the best dollar from your home, staging with a professional is a strategic way to do just that! 

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