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From my academic journey through to earning a master’s degree, I’ve undergone training as an engineer. In terms of mindset, I am an engineer.

Why mention this?

My role is that of a consultant, with the mindset of an engineer.

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We focus on solving your problems

Therefore, we won’t hesitate to critique a property or discourage you from bidding on a subpar house. If your home can’t fetch a certain price, I’ll be honest with you instead of rushing you into a contract, only to pressure you later.

When buying a home, we personally guide you through every step and detail: from the initial consultation to actively searching and viewing properties with you, pointing out important aspects of the property conditions, reviewing reports, helping you understand contract details, discussing with you, negotiating, and coordinating various aspects post-contract, all the way to the closing process. Every part of this process is handled personally; we don’t delegate to assistants or involve third parties.

In the realm of sales or business, individuals typically undergo corresponding sales training. This training often includes techniques such as sales scripts and tricks.

For instance, many agents, when planning property viewings, might show you a more expensive property first, followed by a less expensive “target property” as the second option. They may intentionally avoid certain routes due to the presence of undesirable facilities, employing various tactics of this nature.

While some agents take pride in such skills,
I, personally, find them less appealing.

This often leads to frustration for newcomers when seeking a mentor. It wasn’t until I encountered my mentor, a seasoned professional with decades of experience, that things changed.

She told me, “Why use sales scripts? You should ‘discuss’ with your clients, understand their needs, concerns, and expectations. Also, if there’s an issue with a property, you need to tell your clients, or I’ll kill you!

With such guidance, I found my footing. After several years in the industry, I’ve never deliberately arranged property viewings to promote a specific property. My approach to planning routes is quite ‘engineer-like’: the shortest path, considering factors like traffic and visitor timing.

If you want to sell your home

Selling a home is likewise a step-by-step process with you: discussing and determining the potential selling price, initial pricing, outlining the procedure, devising repair plans, collaborating with contractors, establishing and executing marketing plans, setting timelines, listing the property, negotiation, and ultimately, through the closing process.

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My name is Chiuho Lin. I first found my calling for real estate in 2016, while I was looking for a new home in the San Francisco Bay Area. I found myself inexplicably drawn to this profession and after meeting over one hundred real estate professionals, I made the decision to become a real estate agent myself. To me, being a real estate agent is rewarding not only because I love meeting new people, but also because I have the privilege of helping them start their new chapter and make their vision a reality.
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As a professional, I take pride in my work ethic and ensure the utmost care and consideration while working with all my clients. I’d like to consider myself a trusted advisor to ensure a phenomenal experience throughout your buying/selling process. With that being said, if you ever need a professional consultation or assistance with anything – for example, gardening/landscaping, property manager property lawyer, paint master, decorator, roof repair master, loan broker, registration accountant – feel free to reach out. I am genuinely passionate about what I do and hope that I can help share my knowledge with you all.

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