Why choose us to sell your home purchase?

If your goal is simply to sell your property, any regular real estate agent can help you get it sold in line with the current market conditions. However, if you aim to sell your property at a premium price, it’s crucial to reach out to us. Why?

In the Bay Area, selling your home at a premium involves two key factors:

  1. The more visibility your property gets, the higher the likelihood of achieving an elevated selling price.
  2. Currently, the primary homebuyers in the Bay Area are young Chinese engineers. Your property’s promotional advertisements must be targeted towards them to be effective.

And these individuals, who do not read newspapers or flyers, the traditional marketing methods of real estate agents are essentially ineffective. Selling a house is often attributed to market conditions. However, selling a house and selling it at a premium are two entirely different matters.

The key priorities in selling a house are risk management and marketing promotion.

In terms of risk management, like other professional agents, we guide you step by step through the proper procedures for selling a house (refer to this article I wrote for an understanding of the current selling process in the Bay Area). Additionally, by exploring other articles on this website, you’ll find that we are agents who prioritize procedures, contracts, and reports. We are dedicated to preventing fraud, which is crucial for protecting clients and avoiding post-sale disputes.

Marketing and promotion take center stage in selling a house. In addition to the activities that professional agents typically engage in, such as listing on the MLS, arranging Broker Tours, leveraging Agent Networks, and hosting.

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How do we get started?

Professional Experience

Our team possesses extensive experience in Bay Area real estate, familiar with market dynamics and the latest trends. This enables us to accurately price your property and formulate robust marketing strategies to ensure you achieve the best possible sales price.

Customized Marketing

Every home has its unique features, so we implement customized marketing strategies to highlight the distinctive aspects of your property. Through professional photography, virtual tours, and compelling narratives, we ensure your home stands out in the market, attracting potential buyers.

Transparent Communication

We recognize the significance of transparent communication throughout the home-selling process. We commit to maintaining real-time, clear communication with you, answering your questions promptly to ensure you are always informed about the progress of your home sale.

Real Estate Brokerage— Services What You Should Know About Us

We focus on solving your problems.

When you’re buying a home, we personally guide you through every step and detail: from the initial consultation, accompanying you to search for and view properties, pointing out important aspects of the property conditions, reviewing reports, helping you understand contract details, facilitating discussions and negotiation, and coordinating various aspects post-contract, all the way to the closing process.

In each phase, we handle everything ourselves, without delegating to assistants or third parties.

Selling a home is likewise a step-by-step process with you: discussing and determining the potential selling price, initial pricing, outlining the procedure, devising repair plans, collaborating with contractors, establishing and executing marketing plans, setting timelines, listing the property, negotiation, and ultimately, through the closing process.

Meet our team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse team.

Chiuho Lin

Real Estate Manager for Buying and Selling Houses

Alice Lin

Executive Manager

Sharon Chen

Marketing Manager

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